Depression in A Nutshell

To someone beset with this chronic mental battering, the negative thought train, no matter how outlandish, seems entirely credible.

Corporate Social Responsibility and Sustainable Development: An Interface

With the growing concerns of stakeholders over sustainable development, CSR has become the cornerstone among the business community, taking the business model beyond profit-making to a whole new paradigm based on social welfare, environmental conservation, economic performance and stakeholder engagement.

A Brief Analysis of Legal System of Singapore and Nepal

“The Subordinate Courts consist of district courts, magistrates’ courts, juvenile courts, coroners courts and small claims tribunals. The Senior District Judge has overall responsibility for the administration of the Subordinate Courts. In recent years, other courts such as the family court, night court, community court, Syariah court and traffic court have also been added to the Subordinate Courts. Nepal rarely has the practices of these court systems in a specific manner.”

Lecture on Integral Humanism

–Jyoti Sharma Integral Humanism is the concept drafted by Deen Dayal Upadhaya as a political program and adopted in 1965. Integral Humanism basically gives utmost importance for developing an indigenous economic model with the human being at center stage. This approach made this concept different from socialism and capitalism as Deen Dayal Upadhaya evaluated the…

2nd Bharat Raj Upreti Moot Court Competition (Arbitration), 2019

– Jyoti Sharma The Second Bharat Raj Upreti (BRU)  Moot Court Competition (Arbitration), 2019 was organized by Bharat Raj Upreti foundation in collaboration with Nepal Law Campus on 21 Bhadra, 2076 (September 7, 2019). A team of Bivuti Sharma, Lomash Neupane, Preetam Ghimire and Sashwat Adhikari (all from 6th semester) represented National Law College in…

Be Fearless

The woman is the creative force in the universe within whom is the power to create, nurture and transform. Life begins in her womb and a child grows up in her arms. She is a multi-tasker who plays the various distinct characters, that of a daughter, sister, wife and a mother whose one hug can heal everything from a broken knee to a broken heart.

An overview on Triple Talaq

– Rukmani Khadka, B.A.LLB (6th Semester) “The misused practice of talaq had led the women to be socially, economically and emotionally backwards which led to questioning that whether the movements regarding the women empowerment has been actually able to restore the rights for every woman out there at the core level. “ Triple talaq is…

My experience as the first Intern of Civil Law and Human Rights Research Center (CLHRRC), National Law College

-Bhawana Lamgade (B.A.LLB, 5th year) “The learning during the internship will be helpful throughout my life as it developed the confidence of public speaking and better communication skills.” National Law College (NaLC) consists of three centers which are Civil Law and Human Rights Research Center (CLHRRC), Center for Intellectual Property and Commercial Law (CIPCL) and…

Internal round for Henry Dunant Memorial Moot Court Competition was held.

-Dikshya Adhikari. The Internal round for Henry Dunant Memorial Moot Court Competition was held at National Law College (NaLC) on 1st September 2019. Four teams participated in the internal rounds. Respective judges who gave us their precious time by judging the internal rounds were: Rojina Thapa Prakash Khati Sujana Koirala Rajanish Ojha The top three…

2nd NaLC Fresher’s Moot Court Competition 2019

Moot courts have been around since the late 1700. They’re a law school activity and competition during which students participate in preparing and arguing cases in front of judges generally in a simulated court room. The case and sides are selected beforehand, and students are given a set amount of time to prepare for the eventual trial.

A Glimpse of EIMUN 2019

“Having students in the field of the organizer, dias, press members as well as organizers is a moment to cherish as there is distinct growth within the students can be.”

The brief talk with Ms.Oshin Shah

-Priya Lamichhane The Constitutional Law and Federal Law Research Center (CLFLRC) is one of the three centers of National Law College. CLFLRC has been carrying out various events since its establishment last year. The center has organized two inter-college essay competitions regarding various constitutional law issues. One of the major work that is being done…

2nd Intra-College Constitutional Law Essay Competition

The Constitutional Law and Federal Law Research Center (CLFLRC), National Law College organized 2nd Intra- College Constitutional Law Essay Competition in order to enrich and inspect the knowledge of students on the subject matter of Constitutional Law and reinforce the writing skills…

A poem by Smrika Basnet

बन्द इजलासमा फैसला  अदालतको कठघरामा उभिएर प्रश्न गर्न चाहन्छु यो अपराध हो कि हृदयमा लागेको लात हो श्रीमान, समृद्धि र सुखी नेपालीको अभियान लिएर हिड्ने मेरो देशमा मेरो शरिर सुरक्षित छैन चितामा जलेर जाने आगोमा खरानी भएर जाने यो शरिरलाई अरुको स्पर्शबाट जोगाएर राखे तर निशब्द हुन्छन मेरा ओठहरु यो भन्न नपाउँदा हावाको चालबिना मान्छेको…

My experience at the Netherlands in Conference on Statelessness

“One of the art interventions was the mission “Free Neha”. This concept was conceived by my mother, myself and a Philippine artist Ralph Iya. As the project was to collaborate between activists and the artist, a portrait of my actual height with a mirror in a face was kept inside a huge Zorba ball at the center of the common hall. “

A Poem by Sunita Dhami

१६ वर्षे योवनको श्राप आमा मेरो नाँचको नृत्य देखेर मुसुमुसु हाँस्थिन्, अनि बाबा मलाई सुम्सुम्याउँदै मेरी छोरी ठूली मान्छे बन्नेछे एकदिन भन्नुहुन्थ्यो। ति कलिला हात हल्लाउँदै, ति साना साना पाइला सार्दै, म पनि घाँगर उडाई उडाई नाँच्दथे। सबैकी सानी गुडिया म मायाको त वर्षात हुन्थ्यो खेल्दा-खेल्दै झुक्किएर लडे भने सबैजना आत्तिएर मेरो घाउ हेर्नुहुन्थ्यो। कमी…

“Baba”, a poem by Bhawana Rl Shah

बाबा बाबा,मेरो बोलिको पहिलो शव्द अनि उहाको खुसी मेरो जीवनको अन्तिम लक्ष्य एका बिहानै बाबाको फोन निन्द्रामै उठाए झर्को मान्दै भने,”ह्या बाबा किन ब्युझ्याइदिएको ? अनि सधैंझैं नम्र बोलिमा बाबाको जवाफ थियो ,”छोरी बिर्सिस आज मेरो जन्मदिन!! एकै पलमा मेरो पुरै निन्द्रा हरायो न त बाबालाई दिन मसंग कुनै जवाफ नै थियो अनि गहभरी आसु…