In Conversation With Professional Cricket Commentator Ayush Gautam

“Cricket is not only my passion, it’s my life and attitude”. 

Law student and die-heart cricket fan, Ayush Gautam has been following his passion along with balancing his academics. E-Journal Committee (EJC) had a nice talk with this amazing person about his passion for cricket. EJC would also like to congratulate him on his achievements.

48356088_336673693584373_6313567118705033216_nEJC Hello Ayush. How did you enter in the world of professional cricket?

Ayush: I have always been interested in cricket. I started as an article writer and news reporter in Cricket Concern. I got a chance to work at Wicket Nepal as a reporter and then hosted my own show at DC Nepal. I also got an opportunity to work as an operational head in Pokhara Premier League(PPL).

EJC – How long have you been a fan of cricket? Is there anyone who has inspired you?

Ayush: I remember when I was a child, my father handed me a bat. We used to play cricket at the terrace and I grew up watching cricket matches with my Dad. Basically, he is the one who made me like cricket.

Ashik Lama and Ayush Gautam

I would also like to mention Ashik Lama(Dai). He is not only my inspiration but is also my motivator. I regard him as my god-father. All my achievements today is because of him and I will always be thankful to him.

EJC – Your dedication towards your work clearly shows how passionate you’re about cricket. So, tell us about your first project.

Ayush: I wrote my first article “Comeback to be Praised” about Pakistani Team when I was in class 7. I then worked at Cricket Concern and took an interview of Sandip Lammichanne which was my very first interview. And that’s how it all started.

EJC From being a talk show host, now you have started doing commentaries. What’s next?

Ayush: I have always wanted to do a cricket talk show. Ashik Dai gave me an opportunity. I got a platform at DC Nepal where I ran a talk show for like a year then I got into commentaries. I did commentaries at Dhangadi Premier League-2, Prime Minister Cup and Pokhara Premier League. For now, my only plan would be to work in PPL.

EJC How did Pokhara Premier League (PPL) happen to you?

Ayush: I would like to thank Chumbi Lama (Dai). It’s all because of him.

Ayush Gautam (left) with Chumbi Lama

EJC – Talking about Pokhara Premier League (PPL), how does it feel to be a part of such a big national sports event?

Ayush: It is the biggest project for me where I get a lot of experience. All credits to Chumbi Lama (Dai). Despite having no experience of event management, he trusted me and gave a platform. I can say Pokhara Premier League has so far been my biggest accomplishment.


With his favourite cricketer Gyanendra Malla

EJC Short Reply:


Most memorable experience: Pokhara Premier League

Favorite player: Gyanendra Malla

The best part about doing the things you do: Travelling -Visiting UAE Stadium (My dream came true).

EJC – If you had to choose between being a lawyer or being a famous person in the  cricket field, which one would you choose?

 Ayush: I would choose to be a lawyer. It’s my dream to be a corporate lawyer and I’ll try to be famous.

EJC- Any Message to our readers?

Ayush: Well, we must follow our heart. If you are passionate about anything, you must follow it. Be focused on your careerCricket is not only my passion, it’s my life and attitude. I will always follow cricket and at the same time I want to make Law my profession. It’s little hard to focus on studies and do commentaries at the same time.  However, it’s all about managing time.

EJC would like to thank Ayush for giving us time for this interview. We wish him all the very best for his current and future endeavors. 


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