Unbelievable Journey Up to Thailand

God has set amazing plan in everyone’s life. The thing is that you should have patience in your heart and wait for the right moment which will be something good in coming days in your life.

– Binita Sewa (4th Semester, BA.LLB)


It was about four months ago, I got a golden opportunity to attend “Asia Conference for Law Students” that was held in Thailand by Alliance Defending Freedom (ADF) International, which is an alliance building human rights organization. Its main focus is the lawyers and law students. This conference aimed to bring together law students from across Asia to learn, exchange ideas and understand different aspects of international law. It also focused on inspiring and enabling law students to become a part of an expanding global movement to transform law and culture.

I take this opportunity to attend such a grand conference as a big thing. Everyone encouraged me to attend the conference as they wanted me to gain more knowledge related to law. The journey began with the the support, blessings and good wishes of my family and friends. Travelling to a foreign nation for the first time is not an easy task. It was not easy for me too as I had to face many challenges like funds, booking tickets, submitting the application forms convincing that I am a capable candidate than rest of all, etc. All the challenges were worth as they made me learn everything.

Binita with other participants of the conference.

Everything was set and the big day had finally arrived for the first day of conference in a foreign land on 14th August. The conference was scheduled for 6 days and we had to follow accordingly. I met the participants from different countries like Korea, France, USA, Nagaland, Indonesia, India and Pakistan. Most of them were in legal profession and there were about 12 students. I was one of the happy and proud students representing Nepal in that international platform. We gained knowledge on important topics such as Sanctity of Life, Human Sexuality, Freedom of Conscience, Freedom of Expression, Freedom of Religion and Violent Assault of Human Rights. I found all these topics very helpful and interesting for the law students.

First metro Binita traveled in.

Those six days were full of enthusiasm as I got to I visit beautiful locations of Thailand. The sea was in front of my eyes for the first time. To play with sea water and roam around the beaches was a jolly moment and  a dream came true for a perso who lives in a landlocked country. I feel nostalgic remembering moments I shared with my new friends in sky train, having sea food, roaming around the night market, testing street food and many more. These moments added unique flavor to the journey of my life which will always remain alive in my heart.

Binita Sewa (front) with a friend from Nagaland.

The best part of the journey was that I got to know the people of Thailand, theie social life, culture, traditions. etc. The two Thai words I learned are “Sabadikha’’ for Namaste and “Khapunkha” for Thank You. I was so impressed by their hospitality. They were so welcoming. Most of the people in Thailand were from Burma and they could speak Nepali too. It is a matter of happiness to find someone in a foreign land who can speak your native language. It obviously is a big deal which made me feel like home there. So, my journey was full of enthusiasm, new experiences and great learning. I am really thankful to god, my relatives, elders, who had supported me from the very beginning. If I get a chance, I would love to go back to Thailand with my loved ones.


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