Interviewing The Interviewer

“I don’t have a particular role model who inspired me to be a VJ. I was so much into these media things since childhood, so I guess this willpower in me is the thing that inspired and motivated me.”       

-Kabita Acharya (4th Semester, BA.LLB) & Sunil Lamsal (2nd Semester, BA.LLB)                                                     

Sobita Gautam is a fourth-year student who presents a show in Nepal Television (NTV) named Swasthya Sarokar. She is a student, program host, motivational trainer, youth leader and many more. She is also engaged with Association of Youth Organizations Nepal (AYON) as one of its active members. This time, the E-Journal Committee (EJC) had an interesting talk with this amazing personality.

EJC: Hello Sobita! How are you? You have been doing really great with your TV Show Swasthya Sarokar. 

Sobita: Hi everyone! I am doing well. Yes, the show is going quite good. People are curious about the show and they are enjoying it.

EJC- So, how did it all start?

Sobita: From the very beginning, I was into media things. Three years before this show, I was engaged into some small scale media house, doing internships and working as an RJ in a Radio show and some TV shows as well. Then, after gaining some experience from various media houses, I applied for the vacancy in NTV. I wasn’t sure that I would be appointed so soon but it happened. That’s how it all started.

Sobita Gautam (left) at the set of her show Swasthya Sarokar

EJC: How does it feel being a part of this important show in such a prestigious platform as NTV?

Sobita: It was totally a new experience for me. Running a live show in a National Television and holding such responsibility was a great deal for me then. During the initial broadcastings, I seemed confident but deep inside bearing such a huge responsibility was kind of little nerve-racking  to me. However, I quickly adapted to the responsibility provided.

EJC- Who is your inspiration for that show?

Sobita: I don’t have a particular role model who inspired me to be a VJ. I was so much into these media things since childhood, so I guess this willpower in me is the thing that inspired and motivated me. But if I have to take a name, it’s my dad who helped me to come out and speak up.

EJC- You have been actively involved with AYON. What is AYON and how have you been involved with AYON?   

Sobita: Association of Youth Organizations (AYON), the name says it all. AYON is a national umbrella network of non-government, non-religious, not-for-profit youth organizations in Nepal. It has been working in various sectors of youths throughout the nation for more than a decade.

Honored by Loop Network Pvt. Ltd.

Talking about me, since July I have been actively involved with AYON. I was a part of a Camp, “Democracy Camp” to be exact; advocating the role of youths in good governance in the newly formed Federal Government of Nepal. Since then, AYON has been offering me different opportunities to get connected with different stakeholders including the United Nations. Relating my background of being a Program Presenter, AYON has also given me an opportunity to host some major national events, which I really enjoyed.

EJC- How do you balance your program and other activities along with your college and studies?

Sobita: I just love to keep myself busy. I rarely have any personal time. Everybody has their own priorities. I have mine. I prioritize my studies the most and involve in other activities during the remaining time.

EJC- What are your thoughts on being being a better law student in order to boost up our career?         

Sobita: You have to be real ‘YOU’ and do things which you really want and can do. That ‘YOU’ should speak in a way that actually ‘REACH’ to the people. ‘REACH’ is not about saying something and make people hear you. ‘REACH’ is something that actually makes an impact on people. Being limited to the books and college hours is not enough for a law student; we need to explore ourselves beyond the theoretical world. The practical world is different than the theoretical one. So, we need to come out, find the issues and learn to deal with them. This is how we can cope with the real world; when we actually become a lawyer.

EJC- What are your other interests?

Sobita: I do have a lot of interests. Somehow, I am chasing them. These days, I am engaged in training. I have been facilitating as a resource person in different national events like Miss Nepal, Miss Western Nepal, etc.

EJC-Few words for our readers?

Sobita: I am glad to have shared my experience with my readers.  Keep yourself engaged and chase your dreams.

EJC- Thank you so much for your precious time. You are an inspiration for us.

Thank you.

EJC thanks Sobita for giving us her time. We wish her all the best for her future endeavours.

Here is a link to an interesting episode of her program Swastha Sarokar.




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