“I love Diplomacy and International Relations, and this was a huge opportunity”

-Isha Bhusal (2nd Semester, BA.LLB)

The decision to attend the MUN (Model United Nations) was spontaneous! My friend randomly asked me to register for the ​Asia Youth International Model United Nations (AYIMUN) that was happening in Bangkok, Thailand.

I love Diplomacy and International Relations, and this was a huge opportunityI have been a part of MUNs before but I had never been a delegate. With spots open only for 1000 delegates, I doubted whether I would get selected since I had applied late and hadn’t mentioned it at home. Fortunately, I got selected along with 2 of my closest friends. Now the question was whether or not my parents would let me attend the conference since Thailand has quite a reputation! Surprisingly enough, my parents were convinced enough to let their single child attend a foreign event. They thought this was one of those opportunities that one shouldn’t let go.

isha mun 2018

On 2nd November, 2018, we landed in Bangkok. We had planned to say for 8 days; that is 5 extra days just to enjoy the country. The MUN was for 3 days and I had the best time of my life. The event, from 3rd to 6th November was held in the Hotel Prince Palace which was one of the most extravagant hotels I have ever seen. I was in the International Labor Organization (ILO) committee and our agenda was about ​“Mitigating the Negative Impact of Automation​.”

There were 100 delegates in my committee who presented their own individual talents. The overall conference was exceptional. The first day hosted a social dinner to know all the participating delegates from various part of the world, followed by sessions of the said agenda on the second day and all the delegates went around Bangkok on the third day. The session lasted about 10 hours where various different ideas were presented. The debates tackled ideas on how the ​developed countries could help the ​developing ​as well as ​least developed countries​. As the delegate of Costa Rica, being there among all the other participants, presenting my ideas and seeing them be considered was phenomenal.

isha ayimun 2018

There were about 10 Nepalese delegates that I got to meet there and had a lot of fun engaging with other nationalities. We taught them Nepali terms and got to learn a lot of terms in various languages such as Thai, Indonesian, Phillipino, Kenyan etc. Overall, it was a wonderful learning experience, one which I would love to take part in again.




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