Convention On The Rights Of The Child And Its Impact

CRC has its impact upon the world, but it is not as much as it should be.

-Chudamani Yadav (4th Semester, BA.LLB))

After the world war, it seemed that every child needed special protection for their proper development. For that purpose, Convention on the Rights of the Child (CRC) was adopted and open for signature, ratification, and accession by General Assembly Resolution 44/25 of 20th November 1989 and came into force at 2nd September 1989. It was ratified by Nepal on 14th September 1990.

CRC has basic four core principles- guarantee right to life, protection, development, and participation of all children of the world. CRC has 3 parts and 54 articles which only talk about child rights and their implementing method. It also talks about the committee and their function, election, and responsibility of the state parties. This convention clearly talks about children right to their nationality, their status before their birth to 18 years. It is the first convention which defines the rights of the child and guarantees several rights like the right of parental care. This convention also takes a child as a special protected human being. Based on this convention many of States have made their separate law for their country’s children. This convention clearly includes children in all kinds of situations, be it  during war, natural disaster, adoption or any violence. It also provides grounds on which a country must develop special administration of justice system for children.

Although, there is a law developed by UN and many states have adopted it, its impact has not been as effective as it should be. We can clearly figure it out because recently many children lost their right to life in Syria.  Not only that, many South Asian girls are trafficked for prostitution. Besides that, many children are suffering from child labor, child marriage and are not even getting primary health care facility and education. Child rights activist and Nobel Peace Prize winner Kalash Satyarthi said on his speech that “many of the children are made slaves although it was illegal and immoral”. Even in South Asian countries like India, Nepal and Pakistan, children are used as domestic help and suffer more problem in comparison to Western and European countries. Although child labor is illegal, the UN bodies like International Labour Organization(ILO) is not working proactively on child labor. UNICEF has given a large amount of money to many countries to invest in child rights sector alsthough it is not enough as even their assistance money and funds are misused. On the other hand, children are also conscripted in the military by many terrorist organizations and are killed in many of the States.  UN must work on that. However, we can be satisfied as something is better than nothing. CRC has its impact upon the world, but it is not as much as it should be.


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