A short interview with Abhigya Pant

“Moot is more like glamour with devotion in which hard work pays at the end.”

-Dikshya Adhikari and Sunisha Maharjan

The regional round of Henry Dunant Memorial Moot Court Competition was held at Tehran, Iran from 4th to 6th of December. The NaLC team of pleaders Abhigya Pant (5th year) and Rajanish Ojha (5th year) and researcher Sunila Deuja (4th year) participated in the competition. The E-Journal Committee (EJC) had a short interview with one of the pleaders of the team, Abhigya Pant to know about their first moot court at international venue.

EJC: First of all congratulations for making it to the regional round of renowned moot court competition, Henry Dunant Memorial Moot Court Competition, 2018. How was your experience ?

Abhigya: Firstly, I would like to thank you and the entire E-Journal Committee for providing me with the opportunity to share my experience. I should begin with tiresome and hectic days which resulted in beautiful memories along with terrific experience. Since it was a regional moot court, our responsibilities were higher but time limitation with other external matter had made our days more hectic. However, the competition ended with friendly relations and warm memories in the regional forum.

EJC: How did you prepare for the competition?

Abhigya: Our preparation was up to the mark keeping time limitation and busy hours in mind. In our team, Rajanish and I both being a final year exam appeared student were having difficulties in time management since the thesis deadline was knocking our doorsteps. If I have to be honest, we just had 20 days time to prepare for the moot (writing memorials and work on our pleadings) and submit our thesis. We were in a dilemma to set our priority since thesis was part of our academic and moot court was our prestigious extracurricular activity. First time in my life 24 hours seemed to be less during my preparation in the competition and our team was going through the similar hardship with time management.  To conclude, with an assistance from our other team member  Sunila Deuja and our coach Puspa Ma’am, we managed to prepare for the Regional Round.

 EJC: Was the competition similar to how you expected it to be?

Abhigya: Yes the competition was similar to my expectation in reference to diligent participants and wise judges.su

EJC: How were the judges and other participants?

Abhigya: The word ‘ judge’ itself gives a clear meaning that they were qualified enough with the power of wisdom and articulation. Judges were divided into two panels; ‘Hot Bench’ and ‘Cold Bench’ which were faced by every participating team. ‘Cold Bench’ raised questions on minor jurisprudence issue and ‘Hot Bench’ grilled every team in terms of fact, the issue as well as jurisprudence. Participants showed up to be hardworking, punctual, fluent with immense confidence. Every country had its unique quality to represent the case and deal with the bench.

EJC: How was this moot court competition different from the previous one in which you had participated?

Abhigya: Previous one was a national experience of the Henry Dunant Moot Court Competition and the recent one is Regional Round. The competition in the recent one seemed to be tougher because it was not limited within the nation rather was an international forum. The international forum itself comprised of teams who were the winner in their national level. The standard of the competition seemed more stern and higher than the previous one.


EJC: While competing in an international place, what is your main focus? Giving the best in the competition or enjoying the foreign country? Do you feel the experience of one prevents you from fully enjoying another?

Abhigya: It was my first international visit but I was never flattered or had never taken it for granted since I had obligations to keep. My obligation was not to win rather was to give my best and perform with an intention to enjoy and enhance the experience. I guess I have succeeded in keeping my obligation by creating a balance between giving best in the competition and enjoyment in the foreign land. No, I feel both experiences can be balanced if one is good with time management.

EJC: What advice will you give to your juniors who are willing to take part in Henry Dunant Memorial Moot Court Competition in future?

Abhigya: I encourage my dear juniors to participate not only in Henry Dunant Moot Court Competition but try for other Moot Court Competitions as well. If one has a keen interest in the issue of Humanitarian Rights, one should not hesitate to participate in Henry Dunant Memorial Moot Court Competition.

I advise my juniors to be honest and diligent during research work. Moot is more like glamour with devotion in which hard work pays at the end. Every individual in the team must be co-operative enough to achieve the goal of best performance. Punctuality should not be ignored by anyone who is willing to participate in any moot court competition since it is the first step to success.

EJC thanks Abhigya for agreeing to let us interview her. We wish the team all the success for their future endeavors.


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